CES 2023 saw KOKONI, Handddle, HyperX, and more, launching new 3D printed products. At launch, Formlabs CPO Dávid Lakatos said: “The Formlabs Automation Ecosystem is a seamless solution for ramping up production with 3D printer fleets, staying true to the ease of use of all Formlabs products. Formlabs users recently achieved a major milestone, with more than 100 million parts printed on our 3D printers, and by adding this ecosystem, Formlabs is increasing the capacity so users can deliver further 3D printing innovation.” At CES 2023, Chinese 3D printer manufacturer KOKONI took the opportunity to launch its AI-led SOTA system. “The KOKONI SOTA is revolutionizing the 3D printing industry, with its advanced AI technology that allows for real-time monitoring and error detection,” the firm said in a statement. “Its AI-intelligent camera and micron-level optical radar monitor the printing process for errors in real-time and can alert users. KOKONI SOTA brings the power of AI to the printing process, and takes creations to new heights.” Other esteemed 3D printer manufacturers exhibiting at the show included Handddle, which introduced an Industrial Internet of Things platform designed to help scale 3D printing to industrial levels, as well as Lynxter. Over the months ahead, this peripheral upgrade is set to be followed by several others for both HyperX and most other mechanical keyboards, which allow gamers to customize their favorite gear using HP’s proprietary 3D printing technology.

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