Joshua Pelz, a Ph.D. student in the Department of Structural Engineering, co-founded LIMBER Prosthetics, which develops custom bioinspired, 3D-printed prostheses. LIMBER has conducted many tests to see what kinds of loads 3D materials could bear and design their prosthetics accordingly, Barrack said. Dubbed the Limber Integrative Imaging Modeling Manufacturing for Bold Exoskeleton Research project, or LIMBER, the project’s goal was to bring together imagining, modeling, simulation testing and 3D-printing to create low-cost, one-piece prostheses that can be tailored specifically to match user needs. LIMBER cofounder Luca De Vivo, a postdoctoral student in the Department of Structural Engineering, talks to two members of the Calafia Rotary Club in Ensenada, Mexico. LIMBER has partnered with the Rotary Club to provide prostheses for local amputees. The structure of the LIMBER prostheses are inspired by the structure of the cholla cactus. The prostheses are manufactured using a printer that the LIMBER team designed and built from scratch.

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