PrintFoam is a company that spun out of MIT in 2016 with the aim to create lighter and less expensive 3D printed parts by leveraging the power of foamed materials – catering to the demand for lightweight structured materials in an ever-increasingly 3D printed world. Seeing these developments, other 3D printing companies have started to take notice. To date, existing printing platforms have been too slow in fully utilizing this unique resin technology. PrintFoam brings this technology to new markets with the development of the first printer hardware that specializes in the industrial-scale printing of foams. According to Mathew Pearlson, principal, and co-founder of Print Foam, the ‘ah-ha moment’ came when he realized the need to skip traditional vat-based printing techniques popularized by companies such as FormLabs, Carbon, and Desktop Metal. “By using a combination of novel optical patterning techniques, along with ditching a standard vat printing process, we realized it would be possible to produce plywood-sized sheets of 3D printed foam in a matter of minutes.” According to Pearlson, “The new PrintFoam system extends our ability to provide comprehensive solutions to our customers who are looking for ways to print a lot of material quickly without sacrificing resolution.”

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