Pharmaceutical customization technology developer CurifyLabs has partnered with food printing firm Natural Machines with the aim of bringing a new low-cost drug 3D printer to market. Expected to launch later in 2022, the 3D printer is set to be central to a new service, which offers to help pharmacies and hospitals customize drugs at a more rapid pace than ever before. “With this partnership, we are developing a unique Medicine-as-a-Service concept for pharmacy compounding, and we believe that our partnership with Natural Machines will bring an affordable and superior 3D printing platform to market,” says Charlotta Topelius, CEO of CurifyLabs. Natural Machines and CurifyLabs’ upcoming 3D printer has been built around the technology of the latter. “Try splitting a tablet in five or seven pieces! Taste masking options allow better treatment efficacy, and can be used when technology enables this. In Finland we have a long tradition and a lot of knowledge when it comes to drug compounding, and I’m proud to be part of introducing new technology which enables personalized treatments.” Compared to CurifyLabs and its background within drug formulation, Natural Machines’ prior work has been targeted towards a slightly different market: customized edibles. “This partnership will leverage both CurifyLabs’ experience and latest developments in pharma with our extensive 3D printing expertise, providing a new solution that aligns with the growing global trend of product personalization.”

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