It’s that time of the week again! As with every Sunday, here you will find the top 5 3D printing videos that we found from the week. First check out the Nike x Acronym Blazer sneakers and their 3D printed clips before turning towards a Rolls Royce 3D printed body kit. Rew Sink takes a closer look at the Nike x Acronym Blazer sneakers which as you can see are able to be customized thanks to 3D printing. Rew walks you through the different steps of scanning, adapting the design and finally printing and fitting the 3D printed clips for the sneakers. Top 3: Making Concept Cars with SLS and SLA. In 3Dnatives’ last webinar, we spoke with Formlabs and Vital Auto to learn more about the concept cars of tomorrow and how they are already being made with 3D printing. Top 4: Can 3D printing become a solution to the housing shortage? Could 3D printing help solve the housing crisis in the US? Though currently only a handful of people in the United States live in 3D printed homes, some believe this will soon change thanks to the potential of 3D printing technology to reduce construction times and costs.

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