In its effort to always be one step ahead of mounting competition, the current construction 3D printing industry leader COBOD has released the first-ever construction 3D printer configurator app, available on iOS and Android as well as a web app on the company’s website. The configuration looks to make construction 3D printing more accessible and more fun, in the era of 3D Construction 2.0. Users interested in the largest house 3D printer on the market are now able to configure and design their own printer to suit their specific construction needs. The configurator can help to strengthen COBOD’s role as a segment and technology leader, working to broaden the market and bring automated conduction 3D printing to a wider than ever demographic. Another interesting aspect is that the Z-axis for COBOD’s construction 3D printer is not measured just in meters but in floors. Once the model is selected, users can simulate the entire 3D printing process – even within a virtual neighborhood – accelerating the print speed to see the construction progress as it happens. Now construction 3D printing is shaping up into a real industrial segment and this is what COBOD means by 3D Construction 2.0.

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