“Pokémon aren’t real”, they say. Well, I definitely saw an electric mouse the other day. This recreation of hard-to-get Pokémon Spiritomb is almost as real as the actual creature itself. The tech behind Spiritomb’s recreation is holographic LED fans, which you may have seen before in Hacksmith Industries’ incredible Dr Strange cosplay. The LED lights attached to the fan blades are programmed to flash specific colours very quickly, creating the impression of a solid, “Holographic” image when the fan is spinning, because of an optical illusion called “Persistence of vision”. I made a real-life Spiritomb #BDSP #PokemonLEGENDS pic. The Odd Keystone base and the purple crack that runs down its face were 3D printed and sanded, and the rock part was painted in a rock-like textured spray paint.

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