Formlabs, a manufacturer of resin-based 3D printers, has announced two new 3D printers and a new 3D printing resin at CES 2022. The company’s latest drop includes both the Form 3+ and the Form 3B+, Formlabs’ fastest 3D printers to date. Based on the firm’s signature Low Force Stereolithography technology, the new systems are intended as successors to the widely popular Form 3 and Form 3B printers, offering revamped hardware and improved software. Joining the 3D printers is Formlabs’ latest in-house material offering: ESD Resin. Formlabs has implemented a next-generation ‘Build Platform 2’ into its new 3D printers. Both the Form 3+ and Form 3B+ 3D printers are available to order now. Just recently, the firm’s Fuse 1 SLS system was validated for the 3D printing of orthodontic models, while the company also reformulated its popular Model Resin to double printing speeds on its SLA 3D printers.

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