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Month: January 2022

ORNL gains patent for ‘SkyBAAM’ cable-hoisted construction 3D printing technology – 3D Printing Industry

Despite rising interest in such 3D printers, the ORNL team has criticized their complex setups, which they say are a “Barrier to their commercial implementation.” The engineers also suggest that current printed structures aren’t as “Aesthetically pleasing” as those made from other facade materials, and they can require lengthy reinforcing, thus an “Improved large-scale, fieldable” system is needed.

3D Printing Industry

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2022 Predictions: Medical 3D Printing Is Disrupting Healthcare –

According to Savi Baveja, HP’s Chief Strategy & Incubation Officer, technologies such as 3D printing and microfluidics are beginning to “Realize the better outcomes that have long been promised of personalized medicine.” Many 3D printing labs in hospitals are using the technology to create items like surgical models and guides, and plenty of companies are 3D printing personalized prosthetics and orthotics, casts, splints, and other assistive devices. | The Voice of 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing

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