France-based industrial part supplier Setforge has begun developing new series production applications using additive manufacturing technology developed by 9T Labs. In a bid to innovate and adapt, the firm recently invested in 9T Labs’ Red Series 3D printer, a hybrid system that enables the production of carbon fiber-reinforced composite parts. Setforge is now in the process of screening for new 3D printing applications to replace steel, aluminum, and titanium parts with lightweight and low-cost composite alternatives. “We are proud to support a venerable yet innovative company like Setforge as they begin manufacturing carbon composite parts,” said Giovanni Cavolina, co-founder and CCO of 9T Labs. Suitable for both functional prototyping and high-volume end-use production, the technology is compatible with a whole host of reinforced materials, including PA12, PPS, PEKK, and PEEK. Damien Felix, R&D Project Manager at Setforge, adds, “9T Labs’ expertise in composites helps us to identify the right application and to design load-tailored parts easily. We can even place metal inserts, if needed, before we densify the fibers and reduce porosity. We end up with finished, net-shape parts with high fiber ratios and low porosity that carry four-times higher specific load than steel.” Equipped with its newly acquired composite 3D printing technology, Setforge will be able to 3D print parts up to 350mm x 270mm x 250mm in size in quantities of up to 5,000 per year. Also operating in the composite space, 3D printing materials provider CRP Technology recently used its Windform SP carbon fiber material to 3D print an innovative athletics track shoe.

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