The Lotmaxx Shark V2, selling for a retail price of $499, stands out among the competition by not only offering dual extruders for 3D printing multiple colors or materials, but also providing a laser engraver module that ships with the printer and can be installed in under 5 minutes. The lofty goals of the Shark V2 and the somewhat disappointing reality of the machine keep this printer from being one of the best 3D printers, but it’s still an excellent deal for anyone interested in printing with two extruders or using a low-cost laser engraver. 3-inch Color Touchscreen LCDLaser Power 1600mWLaser MaterialsLeather, Paper, Wood Unpacking and Assembling the Lotmaxx Shark V2. The Lotmaxx Shark V2 includes all the accessories you would expect from a printer in this price range including a metal scraper, a set of Allen keys, a screwdriver, a microSD card and USB reader, a USB cable, and a pair of 200g spools of filament. Design of Lotmaxx Shark V2. The Lotmaxx Shark V2 stands out from almost every other i3-frame 3D printer I’ve ever seen thanks to the cool grey aluminum extrusions used for the frame, as opposed to the much more common black aluminum extrusions found on printer like the Elegoo Neptune 2. User Interface on Lotmaxx Shark V2. The 4.3-inch color touchscreen LCD used by the Lotmaxx Shark V2 as an interface is a unique one that seems like it would be more at home on a piece of commercial office equipment than a 3D printer. Single Extruder Printing on the Lotmaxx Shark V2. The Lotmaxx Shark V2 includes multiple test files on the microSD card, including multiple single extruder prints, dual extruder prints, and prepared. Dual Extruder Printing on the Lotmaxx Shark V2. One of the primary selling points of the Lotmaxx Shark V2 is the ability to print two materials simultaneously using the included dual extruder setup.

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