Also from November 3-4, ASME will be holding its Digital Twin Summit, “Gateway to the Future of Manufacturing.” The online event welcomes operations managers, data scientists, engineers, manufacturers, and other industry leaders that want to identify, implement, and scale predictive, analytics-driven business operations by deploying digital twins that can help deliver ROI. Event features include daily keynotes, product presentations, exhibitor showcases, and more. On Wednesday the 3rd, AM Solutions will continue its interactive “Inside AM” live event series at 9 am EST. Featuring representatives from companies in different industrial sectors discussing their AM applications, experience, obstacles, and visions, the first guest was Christoph Hansen, the Director of Technology & Innovation at Sauber Engineering AG, followed by Andreas Knöchel, Head of Program Management Additive Manufacturing Lattice for Oechsler AG, and the third was Jan Hötter, GKN Additive’s Global Operations Manager for Additive Manufacturing. The fourth guest was Sebastian Piegert, Technology Field Lead Additive Manufacturing for Siemens Energy, and this week, AM Solutions will welcome Jan Philippe Grage, Business Manager 3D Printing for Dunlee, a brand of the Philips Company group. “Additive manufacturing continues to evolve at a rapid pace! Stratasys technologies are at the forefront of the transformation of using 3D printers exclusively for prototyping applications to leveraging them to produce componentry for production use cases. Through a combination of cutting-edge 3D printers, materials and operating software, Stratasys smashed the glass ceiling into the production arena long ago; but we didn’t stop there! We can’t wait to share our latest production-enabling innovations with you.” PostProcess Technologies will present the results of its third annual Additive Manufacturing Post-Printing 2021 survey during a brief webinar at 12 pm EST, and discuss what’s on the horizon for post-printing processes. “Post-printing is becoming an even more critical step in the Additive Manufacturing workflow as users look to reduce costs and lead times and increase throughput. Join this webinar to learn what trends, opportunities, and challenges users are facing and what it might mean for the future of industrial 3D printing.” “According to AVMA, Vets experienced a 50% increase in new pets per week Mar-Aug. 2020. Similar to human society, the pet market experiences similar supply chain and manufacturing challenges. Can 3D printing provide better, more efficient veterinary care and a more robust supply chain than the traditional way of things?”.

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