We’re starting with business again in this edition of 3D Printing News Briefs, as VELO3D has expanded its team further and Evolve Additive Solutions welcomed two new board members. Evolve Additive Solutions, which created what it calls the world’s first scaled volume production-ready manufacturing platform in its proprietary STEP technology, has appointed two new members to its Board of Directors: Joe Allison and Hugh Evans, both of 3D Ventures Group and bringing plenty of finance experience to the table. Metrix Connect LLC, the new subsidiary, will be the exclusive conduit to ASME members through the media products brand Mechanical Engineering®, but more importantly, it will host an integrated events and content platform for engineers and other technical professionals in digital engineering, 3D printing, energy transformation, and robotics. “The support we have gotten from Tennessee was definitely a draw to bring us here and have really aided in our company’s growth. There is a real network of startups, a number of accelerator programs to help small businesses grow and the resources of places like ORNL up the road to help us with new materials, designs and innovation,” said architect and Branch Technology founder Platt Boyd, who relocated the business from Alabama to Tennessee in 2015. Finally, professional 3D printer manufacturer B9Creations is partnering with nanomaterial company Mechnano to increase its portfolio of engineering photopolymer materials, meant for scaled AM production applications. Mechnano is said to be the first company to use vat photopolymerization to make parts with carbon nanotubes in order to improve impact, tensile performance, and tear resistance, as well as achieve static-dissipative properties. Both partners win in this relationship, as B9Creations will bring its ultra-precision, high-throughput B9 Cores Series 3D printers to the table, and Mechnano will leverage its proprietary MechT technology, which detangles and separates carbon nanotubes before dispersing them-with no re-clumping-throughout its nanomaterials, which can then be tailored to specific performance requirements.

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