3DQue, a Vancouver-based developer of automation technology for the 3D printing industry, has announced the launch of two new Quinly automation kits for the Creality CR-10 and CR-6 SE. Quinly is a virtual 3D printer operator served by a Raspberry Pi – a hardware and software kit capable of running desktop 3D printers on its own. Quinly for CR-10 is priced at $349. Quinly for the Creality CR-6 SE. On the other hand, the CR-6 SE was Creality’s first crowdfunded 3D printer, raising approximately $4.3m on Kickstarter. The Quinly kit for CR-6 SE is able to activate this bed leveling system, as well as the printer’s filament runout sensor, enabling reliable multi-day print jobs without any human user input. Quinly for CR-6 SE is priced at $249. Automation in 3D printing is key if the technology is to be scaled up for high-volume industrial applications. Earlier this month, Materialise, a leading 3D printing software developer, announced the launch of its new Dental Module for Materialise Magics to automate dental 3D printing. Elsewhere, in the post-processing space, automated post-printing system developer Oryx Additive recently partnered with 3D printer manufacturer Arburg to offer support removal and part finishing systems to Arburg’s customers. Designed for use with polymer 3D printed parts, Oryx Additive’s SCA product line is capable of removing solvent-based and water-soluble support structures, resulting in a hands-free post-processing workflow.

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