3D printer manufacturer Prusa has launched the latest version of its open-source slicing software, the second alpha release of PrusaSlicer 2.4.0. The software has also fixed a whole host of bugs that were found by users, making for a cleaner 3D printing experience. Founded in 2012 by Josef Průša, Prusa Research is a household name in the 3D printing community, with an extensive portfolio of desktop machines catering to both hobbyists and professionals. The FDM printer offers a build volume of 250 x 210 x 210mm and is available as both an assembly kit and a ready-to-use turnkey system. The i3, and many other printers like it, can utilize the open-source PrusaSlicer as a free print preparation program. Elsewhere, desktop 3D printer manufacturer Raise3D recently announced the launch of the latest version of its own slicing software, the ideaMaker 4.2.0 Beta. Looking for a career in additive manufacturing? Visit 3D Printing Jobs for a selection of roles in the industry.

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