India-based 3D printing service provider STPL3D has launched its new IndoMake INSL series of SLA 3D printers. The company eventually pivoted to 3D printing services in 2017 with the founding of STPL3D, which has now served over 1,000 customers and printed over 4,500 parts. The firm also supplies its own set of 3D printing resins such as Formula L1, Clara A, and Magna L90. With the launch of its new IndoMake INSL series, STPL3D hopes to address the increasing demand for low-volume manufacturing systems in India. The new IndoMake INSL series is a versatile one, offering a wide range of print volumes depending on the needs of the customer. The INSL 3D printers also support over five different resin materials, each with its own unique properties for both functional prototyping and end-use production. STPL’s IndoMake printers also feature rigid solid steel frames, granite print beds, and aerospace-grade aluminum Z-axes to absorb vibrations generated during the printing process and improve part quality. Below are the technical specifications for the IndoMake INSL 3D printer series.

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