CELLINK, one of the first companies to emerge as a major global player in the bioprinting industry, is going to change its name to BICO. The new name reflects the Group’s strategic bio-convergence agenda and emphasizes that the company now comprises a Group consisting of several subsidiaries divided into three business areas. The first step in the process for changing the name will be through the resolution at the Extraordinary General Meeting on August 6, 2021, and by amending the Articles of Association and thereafter register with the Swedish Companies Registration Office. The aim has been to create a brand strategy that better reflects the Group’s development and to better harness the power, strength, and future potential of a new brand. This has resulted in a proposal for a new Group name as well as new visual identity with a new logotype which is reflected in the new name, BIo COnvergence. No changes as a result of the name change will take place for employees within the Group regarding their employment. In the future, the name CELLINK will continue to be used by the wholly-owned subsidiary CELLINK Bioprinting AB which develops and sells bioprinters and consumables under the CELLINK brand. If the name change is approved at the extraordinary general meeting, it also means that the company changes the ticker from CLNK to BICO. Otherwise, there are no changes to the company’s financial instruments.

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