3D Systems stock soared 40.6% this week, powered by the company’s Tuesday announcement of a new bioprinting collaboration with Israeli regenerative and aesthetic medicine company CollPlant Biotechnologies “To deliver bioprinted solutions for improved breast reconstruction treatments.” The big pop in 3D Systems stock lifted other 3D printing stocks, as frequently happens in an industry or space. 3D Systems’ new 3D bioprinting collaboration with CollPlant. 3D Systems stock rocketed 27.7% on Tuesday following the company’s announcement of its new 3D bioprinting partnership with CollPlant, and it continued to move up throughout the week. If 3D Systems is pushing further into the bioprinting space, it seems possible that Stratasys and Proto Labs could enter the market at some point. Quick-turn contract manufacturer Proto Labs doesn’t make 3D printers, but it could possibly enter the bioprinting market by offering bioprinting services. In 2021, 3D Systems and ExOne stocks are leading the pack, up 275% and 143%, respectively, through June 25.

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