Satori has announced the launch of its ‘big volume, high precision’ VL2800 3D printing system via Kickstarter. Satori’s second 3D printing system, following the launch of the ST1600 last year, is equipped with a 6k mono screen which ensures parts printed inside the 27.8 x 15.6 x 30 cm build volume are done so with high precision. Early access customers include jewellery designer Siobhan Wallace of Shh von Studio, who printed a large, interconnected necklace with the VL2800, and the Mahdi Naim Design Lab who successfully printed a prosthetic leg. Elegoo, who manufactured 100,000 3D printers in 2020, is working with Satori to build a new manufacturing centre supervised by Satori engineers which will allow the company to meet the demand for its new product. Satori is targeting the VL2800 at industrial designers and artists for the printing of engineering prototypes and creative applications like 3D figurines. “As a female founder of a tech company, I understand how challenging it can be to work in the 3D printing industry because the technology itself can sometimes be quite intimidating,” Satori CEO Chengxi Wang told TCT. “However, we want to make the 3D printing technology as approachable as possible to empower global creatives and innovators with an affordable but powerful tool.” “During our collaboration, I noticed that the Satori printer was precise and fast,” added Madhdi Naim of Mahdi Nahm Design Lab.

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