To reduce testing and analysis expenses while establishing industry-recognized test standards for development and production for the 3D printing industry, Cubicure in Vienna, Austria relies on testing technology from ZwickRoell. Despite the increasing use of 3D printed high-performance polymers, there is a lack of generally accepted test standards. To speed up their establishment, Cubicure in Vienna has set up a testing lab with testing technology from ZwickRoell. Implemented in accordance with ISO 17296-3, ZwickRoell’s state-of-the-art instruments and testXpert III testing software deliver reliable test results. With the UTM Proline Z010 for tensile and flexure tests, the HIT5.5P Plus impact tester with instrumented pendulum, and the hardness testers for Shore-A and Shore-D, extensive testing options are at their disposal. While equipping the lab, particular attention was given to carrying out standard-compliant tests with very little use of materialsā -and therefore small specimen geometriesā -during the development phase. Other benefits include reliable service and the long operating life of the testing machines.

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