Throughout his career, he was consistently frustrated by design constraints caused by the limitations of traditional building materials and techniques. With all this in mind, in 2014 Boyd conceptualized the group that eventually became 3D printing startup Branch Technology. Branch Technology is the creator of the world’s largest freeform 3D printer and a process for building structures as unique as its mission. Read on to learn how Branch Technology is currently designing and developing the world’s first freeform 3D-printed house in Chattanooga. Branch Technology is an architectural fabricator specializing in large-scale 3D-printing with a revolutionary technology that combines industrial robots, sophisticated algorithms, and a novel “Freeform” extrusion technology that allows material to solidify in free space. Branch is democratizing design freedom and developing a new construction product than can be lighter, stronger, faster on-site, and with ten times greater design freedom through a process that is inherently waste-free. Project, which will be the world’s first freeform 3D-printed house and the debut of the composite product.

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