Ron Daggett, Vice President of Technology and R&D at Bastian Solutions, comments, “We envisioned that additively manufacturing specific parts would make the Bastian Solutions Shuttle System the most efficient and agile robotic picker available on the market,”. Fast Radius provides a platform to support companies like Bastian Solutions who are looking to integrate additive manufacturing technologies into their workflow. Manufactured at Fast Radius’ industrial additive manufacturing facility in Chicago, the additive parts of the Bastian Solutions Shuttle System include the fingers, joints and elbow of the arm. “Carbon DLS technology and EPU 40 resin made it possible for Fast Radius to manufacture a texture on the robot’s finger that allows the robot to pick up any part, of any size.” By producing industrial-grade parts for Bastian Solutions, Fast Radius is carrying out its goal of supporting companies and empowering industries to embrace industrial additive manufacturing. In a recent interview for 3D Printing Industry, Fast Radius CEO Lou Rassey explained, “This is done through a set of technical solutions; it’s an integrated workflow that walks companies all the way through the process which begins by helping the business understanding its own applications and the value that additive can bring upon embracing it.” Featured image shows the Bastian Solutions Shuttle System, featuring 45% 3D printed parts.

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