The technology I’m referring to is 3D printing. The crazy thing about it is that if you go and look at the 3D printing stocks, you would never know that this business and this way of doing things and this technology is growing gangbusters. The reason is, that if you go back about five or six years, 3D printing stocks were all the rage. This is why I believe that 3D printing stocks are setting up to explode higher. This is why we have stocks to benefit from 3D printing in my Profits Unlimited service, in my True Momentum service and in my Extreme Fortunes service. Now, if you don’t want to do that, the way to do that would be to buy into a focused ETF that would give you a small piece of all of the different 3D printing stocks, all of the different 3D printing technologies. Buy into 3D printing stocks, buy into the 3D printing ETF and set yourself up to make a lot of money from what I believe is going to be an incredible moment for 3D printing stocks as they take over the world of manufacturing and as their stocks fly higher.

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