Modern 3D printing software makes G-code simulating possible in a form of a tool-path. If you don’t know, 3D slicer software is what makes a 3D model 3D printable. The resulting file produced by the slicer is a G-code file, which the printer later “Reads” while printing. The “Layer viewing” mode is a very handy tool for identifying if and when your model may fail when 3D printing starts. Different types of lines and structures are indicated in different colors, so that the user can get a closer look at what each step of the 3D printing process looks like. Professionals in the industry may be interested in serious 3D printing simulations, which require serious software. The benefit is these tools are capable of showing all kinds of parameters, like the structural stresses, temperatures and even the part’s performance under load. In the following paragraphs, we’ll present some of the best free and paid tools for G-code simulation.

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