Nanoscribe, a German specialist of nano-scale 3D printing, has joined MiLiQuant. Nanoscribe will join Bosch, the optics company Zeiss, and quantum technology specialist Q.ANT on the MiLiQuant program. Dr. Michael Thiel, Chief Science Officer at Nanoscribe, said, “With our 3D printers, high-precision micro-optical components can be produced in shortest time with submicrometer resolution and enormous design freedom [] We are happy to contribute our profound know-how to the MiLiQuant project for the further development of packaging technologies.” The purpose of MiLiQuant is to initialize quantum technology at the industry level. By leveraging research in photonics and quantum technology, the MiLiQuant team will deploy miniaturized diode laser-based light-sources. This technology will be used to further develop quantum sensors and quantum imaging devices. Vote now to name the best research team for 2019 3D Printing Awards.

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