Prototypes and end-use parts made with 3D printing are taking in a chunk out of some of the most profitable industries, such as healthcare, aerospace, fashion and footwear. Especially when a customized fit is a key factor 3D printing is making huge gains. Having conquered the In The Ear hearing aid market in around 36 months, can 3D printing do the same with other product categories? One of the most recent possibilities is eyewear. In every industry where custom manufacturing is needed, 3D printing is becoming more essential. Many startups are growing by making 3D printing technology the core of their business model, defying traditional manufacturing and service providers for the customer-perfect fit. A Palo Alto-based startup that uses 3D printing to create ready-to-wear designer manicures taylor made to their customers with 3D scanning. The sporting industry immersion into 3D printing does not end there, Autodesk and researchers from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory are currently collaborating to print football helmets and Royal DSM is 3D printing a mouthguard.

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