CRP Technology, an Italian materials manufacturer, has announced that its proprietary Windform line of materials will not be available to 3D printing service bureaus anymore. On the formation of the new strategy the company stated, “The aim of CRP Technology is to ensure the highest quality in the manufacture of 3D printed components in Windform.” Founded in 1970, CRP Technology together with CRP USA, CRP Meccanica, and electric motorbike manufacturer, Energica, comprise the CRP Group Network. CRP Technology’s additive manufacturing portfolio includes a range of 3D printing materials and its Rapid Prototyping Department houses more than twenty-five 3D printers from 3D Systems, RICOH, and other industrial manufacturers. Windform material is no longer available to 3D printing service bureaus CRP Technology has said that the material will be available to purchase for original equipment manufacturers. According to the company’s latest announcement “The increase in production capacity both in Europe and in the United States will guarantee each customer the volumes necessary to satisfy any request from all over the world, in compliance with the high standards of service and quality that has always been a distinctive element of CRP Technology and CRP USA’s activities.” CRP Technology and CRP USA will continue to 3D print parts for their clients with the Windform materials.

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