If you have a 3D printer or have considered adding one to your desktop in 2019, IE is here to tell you there is plenty of ways to use a 3D printer to enhance your life; more specifically, your home. The 3D printer Before going out to buy a new 3D printer for your home projects, you should understand 3D printing and the variety of tools and materials available on the market, because there is a lot. The process of 3D printing was something reserved for massive companies a decade ago, now you can go pick up a 3D printer for a few hundred dollars and begin printing at home. You can 3D print a hanger that is not only created to your specific specifications but something that looks cool for your home. 3D print as many as you like with your own 3D printer, in any color that you like. You can never have too many organizers, so why not 3D print them? The beauty of 3D printing organizers is that you tailor the design parameters to fit your mess and to reduce any miscellaneous clutter. What useful things have you 3D printed for your home? Leave your examples in the comments below.

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