Connect 4.0, a Liverpool-based startup, has been granted a £2 million contract for its Co-Fabrico platform. Connect 4.0 is part of LCR 4.0, a EU-backed initiative that aims to transform Liverpool into a hub for Industry 4.0. Born out of the LCR 4.0 environment, Connect 4.0 is taking its automotive 3D printing marketplace to the next level with a £2M contract from Angolian tech company Robotica 4.0. As per the contract, Connect 4.0 will supply the Co-Fabrico platform to Robotica 4.0 in cooperation with its partner Cassa Mobile, a European consortium that aims to revolutionize EU manufacturing using new technologies. As part of the service, Connect 4.0 selects the best manufacturer for a given project, based on customer needs and budget. Specifically, VEC helped Connect 4.0 to give its virtual infrastructure a user-friendly interface prototype, which was used to test the marketplace and showcase it to investors. Dr. Andy Levers, technical director at the VEC and technical lead for LCR 4.0, added: “Seeing a startup like Connect 4.0 make such significant steps as a result of the resource, skills and expertise provided by LCR 4.0 and the VEC is really encouraging.”

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