My aim is to print some experimental lens mounts – to see how far a certain Carclo lens needs to be from a PCB if it is to perfectly focus a Cree XPG – allowing for the thickness of the star-board on which the leds is soldered. An issue is, that my printer settings are not yet dialled-in, so internal diameters in my prints are a bit tight. When I try to adjust the printer settings, I can’t get the software to transfer the new printing values to the G-code that drives the printer, despite the software believing that the G-code is changing. Print lens mounts with existing printer settings, fudge the CAD design to allow for sloppy prints- get working lens mount and minimal satisfaction. Work out how to get Repetier working, then dial-in the printer settings then print lens mounts, hopefully with only minimal fudging the design dimensions. Give up on Repetier, learn how to set-up Octoprint, then dial in the printer, then print lens mounts, hopefully without fudging design dimensions beyond limits imposed by fully dialled-in printer. Stick with original SD Card-based print technique, don’t mess with and printer settings, but print something that will reveal what other settings need tuning.

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