According to Liverpool-based startup Koffin, funeral costs have gone up over 70% in the past 10 years. These high costs, along with the unsustainable nature of traditional coffins were what inspired artist Gina Czarnecki to found Koffin, a company dedicated to creating sustainable, 3D printed eco-coffins. At this stage, Koffin reports that it is ready to create its first batch of the 3D printed eco-coffins, which could offer a more sustainable and affordable solution for burials than what is currently on the market. “Funeral prices are increasing drastically, and people deserve the right to a personalised send-off that isn’t going to break the bank,” said Gina Czarnecki, founder of Koffin. The partnership with LCR 4.0 enabled Koffin to explore the use of additive manufacturing to customize the eco-coffins while it teamed up with Sensor City to confuse finite element analysis tests to determine the optimal material and structure for the caskets. Jaime Mora-Fernandez, LCR 4.0 product design engineer at Sensor City, commented: “Koffin is unlike any other start-up that we’ve helped to date. The work carried out illustrates how new technologies can help businesses in a wide variety of sectors transform the way they approach the design and manufacturing process.” As part of a marketing ploy, Koffin will be displaying a series of 20 caskets in Liverpool starting on November 1st. The eco-friendly coffins will be on show at the Oratory, next to the Angelican Cathedral.

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