Materialise, a Belgian software and 3D printer maker, has unveiled its mammoth project in the city of Lier, Belgium. Earlier this year, the company was hired to 3D print a replica of Lier mammoth. The project is now complete, and the 3D printed mammoth can now be visited at the Stadsmuseum Lier. These scans were then sent to Materialise who were hired to 3D print the skeleton for the Lier museum. The printing process took just over 52 days, and nine Materialise’s Mammoth Stereolithography printers – the name of the printer bears no relation to the museum project. Materialise’s Lier Mammoth project not only shows the potential of large-scale 3D printing but also how 3D printing can keep ancient history alive. Featured image shows front view of the 3D printed replica of the Lier Mammoth.

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