3D Printing: An Answer for Cardiovascular Disease?Jeffrey Heimgartner posted on October 31, 2018 |. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of every four deaths is attributed to some form of heart disease. A team of researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder turned to 3D printing as a way to potentially address the problem. The team has developed a 3D printing technique that provides localized control of an object’s firmness. A new 3D printing technique may allow printed tissue to replace hardened vessels. The research involves a layered method of printing that has a fine-grained, programmable control over rigidity. The research involved 3D printing three versions of a simple top beam supported by two rods. Interested in more ways 3D printing is benefiting the medical industry? Check out 3D Printed Placenta Poised to Help Explain Organ Development and 3D-Printed Tracheal Splints May Revolutionize Pediatric Care.

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