An open source 3D printer manufacturer based in Barcelona, has released the Upgrade R19 kits for its new generation of Sigma & Sigmax FFF 3D printers. The R19 Upgrade kit includes a. filament runout sensor set, Bowden entry parts, industrial μSD with Firmware files, calibration gauges, e3D hotends, and calibrated stepper drivers, as well as a 5.5mm Socket wrench and 2mm hex keys. “We acknowledge 3D printing is a growing industry and the technology and the quality it delivers is evolving so fast. Therefore, besides improving the performance and reliability of our products, we’ve taken into account our previous customers’ needs in order to propose them a full enhancement kit,” said Eric Pallarés, CTO at BCN3D Technologies. Last month, BCN3D unveiled the Sigma R19 and the Sigmax R19., with “One of the most powe.rful extrusion systems,” according to Xavier Martinez, CEO of BCN3D Technologies. The 3D printers operate using an improved user-friendly interface and filament sensor. With the R19 Upgrade kit, owners of an Original BCN3D Sigmax or R17 Sigma 3D printer can enhance their machine with the new features incorporated into the lastest Sigma and Sigmax. The R19 Upgrade kit is available for pre-order from €235.95 on the BCN3D website.

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