The Austrian developers of an electric vehicle charging system, is working with igus. Easelink’s electric vehicle charging system has two parts: a charging connector and a charging pad. The Matrix pad is mounted to the floor power grid and the charging connector is attached underneath the electric vehicle. When a vehicle is parked over the Matrix Charging pad, the charging connector under the vehicle lowers to attach itself to the power supplying pad. The communication between the pad and the connector is carried out through a secured wireless connection. Hermann Stockinger, the founder of Easelink, said, “With Matrix Charging, electric vehicles are charged automatically and without cables – this smart technology operates itself without user intervention.” “From parking garages or drive-ins to private parking spaces or railway crossings – any time spent standing still can be used for charging the electric vehicle.” The gears were printed with SLS 3D printers and igus’ proprietary iglidur I6-PL polymer in print runs ranging between 24-72 hours. The Lansing plant has saved over $300,000 in three years by using AM. The 3D printed gears made by igus demonstrate the importance of materials in additive manufacturing.

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