A German manufacturer of metal 3D printers, is to support the German Institute for Standardization, who has founded the Additive Manufacturing Steering Committee in the DIN Standards Committee Technology of Materials. Dr. Dieter Schwarze, Director of Scientific and Technology Research at SLM Solutions, is expected to steer the committee as Deputy Director, with the aim of increasing standardization work in additive manufacturing. “Our SLM machines are extremely robust and stable. Together with our technological experience, this makes us the right partner to help shape the future of additive manufacturing in series production, from greater occupational safety and cost savings to improved component quality and safety.” “Metal additive manufacturing still faces many hurdles. Qualification certainly creates a bottle-neck in the industry, as there are still no clear standards across the board and several organizations are working on such standards today. But at the moment, it still creates a barrier for many.” The Additive Manufacturing Steering Committee was established earlier this year to accelerate the commercial viability of metal 3D printing. This objective takes into account economic feasibility, technological relevancy, scientific insights, legal developments, financial conditions, and the harmonization of technical rules across Europe and worldwide for such additive manufacturing processes. The committee is cooperating with other standards committees within DIN to analyze the mechanical properties of metallic additive manufacturing materials for the aerospace sector.

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