Considering the increasing use of additive manufacturing in the aerospace sector, Safran Electrical & Power, sought out Betatype. Specifically, Safran Electrical & Power’s Power Division team were tasked with improving the design of an electrical generator housing. Betatype’s technologies have been previously used to design and re-engineer a metal 3D printed engine shell. With this platform, the Power Division team obtained an electrical generator housing with an improved, lightweight design with higher strength and increased stiffness. Sarat Babu, CEO at Betatype explained, “We knew creating a more complex, higher density lattice structure was the key to achieving what Safran was looking for in the part.” As a result of Betatype’s successful proof of concept, Safran’s generator housing design combined the design of several complex machined components into one part. Featured image shows the redesigned electrical generator housing which includes integrated lattice structures.

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