Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Modix is a global developer of large format 3D printers. Recently, Modix announced a high-quality kit 3D printer, the Extra Large X120 which was on display at TCT 2018 in the UK. In this interview with the Modix CEO and Founder Shachar Gafni, I gained further insights about the company’s latest model and the 3D printing market in Israel. According to Gafni, Modix large format 3D printers offer high quality, heavy duty components that create high volume prototyping and fabrication available for startups, huge R&D labs and design teams at a reasonable price. The build volume of the Extra Large X120 3D printer is 120×60. Gafni adds, “In a population of 7 million people, there are many 3D printing companies. XJet, Nano Dimension and of course, Stratasys each have headquarters in the country to name a few.” In terms of Modix’s development in such a competitive climate, Gafni says, “We have a community of 3D printing experts in Israel. On all places like forums, Facebook groups, and in global market today, communities are more worldwide. Right now, it has been only one year for us in the international market. Hence, it was better to grow with experienced customers who know how to build printers.” “In 3D printing, there’s a learning curve. You should first learn how to print before you go into industrial market. And, we are also not capable of providing the training, hence we try to focus on what we do the best,” Gafni concludes.

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