With the advent of affordable 3D printing, hobbyists now have an easier time modding their devices, as well as creating accessories to make their lives easier. Good printers, like the Monoprice Select Mini v2, are only $220 and can get you printing gadgets for your Windows Mixed Reality headset in no time. We compiled a short list of helpful 3D prints you can use to improve your WMR experience. I would print this at 100 percent for extra rigidity and print it flat on its back to reduce the need for supports. If you are going to print this using a normal FDM printer, I suggest turning it 90 degrees so it prints on its side. The print itself is easy enough but it also requires you to add a fan and battery pack to your headband. I would print this one on its side and although the designer says it should print without supports, some cheap printers will struggle to print over the gap.

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